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Unlike many law firms with employment law practices, we do not limit ourselves to either the management or the employee “side”. We believe we do the best work by wearing both hats. Who better to draft a contract or compensation plan than someone who spends days tearing apart those drafted by others? Who better to negotiate with your employer than someone who intimately knows the strategic, legal and economic considerations that matter for most companies? For that reason, our employment lawyers regularly advise both employees and employers about employment law and all aspects of the employment law relationship including: contract and policy drafting, contract and offer review, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal and changes to employment, termination, resignation, human rights and appeals.

People do not have stock employment-related problems, and our lawyers will not offer stock solutions. Our lawyers work with our clients to help them achieve not just the obvious legal result, but the best result for them.

Our employment lawyers are skilled negotiators who will champion our client’s interests passionately and strategically with a view to avoiding litigation wherever possible. But, for those cases that cannot be resolved without litigation – whether it is in court or in private arbitration – our lawyers are also talented advocates and litigators armed with a wealth of employment law expertise.

Our employment practice is primarily in Ontario, but we have represented clients located across Canada and internationally whether the employment relationship is governed by Canadian law or has a substantial connection to a Canadian common law jurisdiction.

If you are an employer or an individual in need of strategic, effective employment counsel, please contact one of our employment lawyers.