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Estate Litigation

Estate disputes can consist of very complex legal problems and are often governed by legal principles of equity and trusts dating back hundreds of years. It is also common for estate disputes to involve significant financial and emotional issues. As a result, it is important that parties to estate disputes find legal representation that has experience protecting the clients’ interests in what can be an unavoidably tumultuous environment.

At Teplitsky LLP, we are solution-oriented and understand the unique qualities of estate litigation. Our long-established approach of providing client-focused, attentive and honest litigation counsel in all aspects of civil litigation makes us especially well-suited for the often emotionally charged arena of estate disputes.

While we pride ourselves on our ability to resolve our clients’ issues and protect their interests without the need for litigation, our lawyers possess the skill necessary to succeed in the most adversarial forums, be it an arbitration or the courtroom.

Our estate lawyers are available to consult with anyone in need of counsel concerning an estate dispute. It is our job to do the dirty work, making the process of estate litigation as comfortable for our clients as possible.