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Who We Are

Teplitsky LLP is a premier litigation boutique founded over 40 years ago by Marty Teplitsky. Since that time, our firm has grown as we have hand picked a group of whip-smart, innovative, and talented advocates and advisors who want to work in an environment that cultivates both excellence and creativity. Our business has grown almost exclusively by referral and we’re proud of that fact.

Our Approach

People do not have cookie-cutter legal issues and we do not have a cookie-cutter practice. Our approach to each situation is tailored to our client’s particular circumstances and goals. A few things are constant, and they are our recipe for success:

  1. We recognize that we are in a client-focused and client service role. You come first. Your needs will be paramount and your calls will be returned.
  2. We listen. We will not drag you through a process or toward a resolution that does not make sense for you or for your business. The “right” answer is the one that is right for you.
  3. We will exercise sound judgment and we will arm you with the information and advice you need to do the same. We’ll listen to you, but we won’t do so blindly. Some clients may want lawyers who will simply take orders, maintain untenable positions, or follow instructions without question. That’s not us. In our view, our clients are not best served by us telling them what they want to hear or downplaying their risks. We strongly believe that our clients come to us for good counsel and advice. That is what we offer, and we will be candid and forthright with you at all times.

Whether your matter requires a skilled negotiator, a strategic advisor, a passionate advocate, or all of the above, our lawyers can help.